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Pastor’s Online Greeting - Convention 2009

Dios les bendiga

Dio vence

Díeu vous bénissent

O Dues abençoa-o


God Bless you, our beloved brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus.

We are happy to extend a very warm welcome to you, to participate

in our Convention, which will take place from Wednesday fifth

August to Sunday ninth August 2009.


We are expecting a very supernatural time around the divine presence

of God and the revealed Word message of the Seventh Seal.

We have a host of fine ministers from Chile, Argentina, Peru, Paraguay,

Brazil, Ecuador, Honduras, Panama, Kenya, the Caribbean and the United States,

all gathering together for this great and wonderful time that we are in anticipation of.


There will be two services daily.  All services will be streamed live, each day; both the

morning services and the evening services.  Each following day also we will be posting

content and highlights from the services unto our website www.thirdexodus.org

You would also find the full itinerary of these meetings outlined there.


We are asking you to pray for us; to join with us in this great time of fellowship

around the Word of God, in this hour of global economic recession that is worsening.

We see the increasing economic woes in the land, across the face of the earth. We see

the darkness descending upon all humanity. We see the signs in the heavens giving

witness that the time is at hand. How we are in anticipation for a great rapturing grace

and rapturing faith to be poured out; that God will fill our hearts with His divine love and power.


Bro. Branham prayed, he said,

Oh God, may You send forth a revival of the just and a great power to come into the church

just before its going and the third pull that shall do great things for us in our midst! It’s not

hard to pray that”, he said.

He said, “Because Lord you promised it!”


And so we have this prayer in our hearts that we would see these things that were in the

heart of the Prophet being made manifest in our midst.  We pray that God will give us such a divine

leadership during these days.  Pray that God will anoint his ministering servants from these

different parts of the Earth that will be gathered here and will be ministering in these meetings.


Pray that God will confirm His word mightily with signs, and wonders, that we know all

are always attendant upon the true Word of God. Pray that God will bless these meetings

and all those that would be participating, as all these meeting are being streamed live

throughout the ends of the earth; that it would be a blessing on every continent, in every

country, in this late hour.


We know many of you, maybe it would be very impossible for some of you to ever reach these

shores and to be in these meetings physically, but God had you under consideration, that you,

by way of the internet, can participate in these meetings. I know it will be a great and wonderful

time and may God bless you.


Please, if you are interested in participating in these services, you must register online.

Registration must take place 48 hours before the Convention. That is on Monday third and

Tuesday fourth August 2009.

After registration access will be given to you that you can stream the services live.

God bless you.


We are looking forward to meeting you online and to have your presence and your

participation in these meetings.

Thank you so much.


Vin.  Anthony Dayal

Pastor, Third Exodus Assembly

God bless you!


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